Kickstarter is a global crowdfunding platform based in the United States. The company’s stated mission is to help bring creative projects to life.

Startup entrepreneurs are raising a lot of money through crowdfunding. With help from fundraising experts, they might be able to raise even more.
FEBRUARY 20, 2014Alex Lee came up with the product for his Kickstarter campaign on his own. But when the Chicago entrepreneur decided to try to raise money for the new drawstring bag he’d invented, he turned to a marketing firm that specializes in doing public relations for crowdsourced funding projects. 

Alex Lee came up with the product for his Kickstarter campaign for his mochibag


The result: Lee raised $146,824 from 3,390 backers to help him bring Mochibags to market. That was nearly 15 times his initial goal, and with the robust financial support that was provided, Lee has produced sufficient production units of the Mochibag to reward supporters and is now working to fill pre-orders.

The crowdsourcing consultant Lee worked with provided necessary expertise in public relations, something Lee’s day job as a senior manager at an accounting firm didn’t prepare him for. Media coverage in such places as The Huffington Post and sports gear blogs was valuable in helping Mochibags achieve its fundraising goal, Lee says.

As Lee says, “Exposure is something every creator needs to figure out for crowdfunding.”

Helping Hand

Of course, there’s more to crowdfunding than press coverage. Successful campaigns also tend to feature eye-catching videos, slick Web design and, should they achieving their funding goals and have rewards or other items to mail out, reliable product fulfillment. Not surprisingly, consulting companies that specialize in crowdfunding campaigns have sprung up to provide these services and more.

Many crowdfunders find that time is one of the resources in shortest supply and that hiring a consultant can help extend it. “Running a Kickstarter campaign is a full-time job”. “It’s a lot of work that’s overwhelming for the vast majority of Kickstarters we help.”

Most Kickstarters do a single campaign; only a few do more than one. With that in mind, a consultant’s day-in and day-out experience working with hundreds of different entrepreneurs and campaigns can prove valuable. “We’ve gained a lot of insight on what products move and what it takes to succeed.

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