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With over 284 million monthly active users, Twitter helps people stay connected to their interests – whether it’s the latest global news or their favorite place to shop. Businesses use Twitter to help them achieve their marketing goals, such as growing their community of followers, driving more visitors to their website, and capturing more leads to follow up with later.

Whatever your business goals are, we’ll guide you through designing ad campaigns that are best suited for whatever you’re trying to accomplish. Get the most out of your marketing dollars by only paying for the actions that you want and tracking your results over time with our analytics tools.


When someone follows you on Twitter, you gain a chance to engage with that person over time. Recent studies show that followers don’t just see your Tweets, they also take actions that benefit your business. The tools listed on this page will help your business expand your audience on Twitter and quickly build a community of potential customers.

Drive website clicks or conversions

Twitter’s millions of active users are a powerful asset that extends well beyond the product. In fact, 47% of users who follow a business are more likely to visit the company’s website. To help you tap into this opportunity and increase your website traffic, we’ve made it easy to create campaigns that seamlessly bring users to your site.

Increase Twitter engagement

The value of Twitter extends beyond our millions of active users – it’s how these users engage with the product. Twitter users have passionate conversations, explore topics and share interesting content. Becoming a part of that active and energetic engagement is a great way to build relationships and create advocates for your business.

Leads on Twitter

When someone expresses interest in what your business has to offer, you want to easily capture that person’s contact information so you can follow up with them. When you add a Lead Generation Card to your Tweets, you allow people to seamlessly exchange their email address with you so you can capture more leads for your business. The more leads you generate, the more potential customers you can reach out to.

eople come to Twitter to connect and engage with their interests. Twitter also creates an opportunities for businesses to engage with their customers through more personal interactions. These interactions help build positive sentiment towards the businesses and encourage positive word of mouth referrals. Promoted Tweets help amplify your Tweets to a wider audience to drive more engagement with your content.

How do Promoted Tweets work?

  • To create a Promoted Tweet, start by writing a compelling piece of content, such as the announcement of an upcoming product release, a sale or an event you’re hosting. Include an image or video to drive higher engagement.
  • Once you create your Promoted Tweet, use our targeting options to connect with the right audience.
  • After you launch your Tweet Engagements campaign, your Promoted Tweet will appear in the home timeline of the users you’ve targeted.

Promoted Tweet

Promoted Accounts are ad units that are included in Followers campaigns on Twitter. They enable you to quickly build your community of followers by getting your account in front of more users who are likely to be interested in your business.

When someone follows you on Twitter, you gain a chance to engage with that person over time. Each time you engage with your followers, you create new opportunities for them to share content, make purchases or tell others about their positive experiences with your business. Utilizing a Promoted Account enhances that process.

How do Promoted Accounts work?

  • Start by writing a short description that explains why someone should follow your account. For example, you can call out the great content that you’re tweeting out on a regular basis. Make sure you also include your business logo and a strong call to action.
  • Once you create your Promoted Account, reach the people who are most likely to be interested in your business and therefore, more likely to want to follow your account. For example, you can connect with users who are interested in broad categories related to your business, or users who are similar to the followers of influencers in your industry. You can also target people based on their location or gender.
  • After you have defined these audiences, consider how you can tailor the messaging in your campaigns so that it is relevant for each group.

When you launch your Followers campaign, your Promoted Account will appear to the users you’ve targeted in the following places:

  1. Home timeline
  2. “Who to follow” widget on the right side of the Home and Notifications tabs
  3. “Who to follow” widget on the right side of the People search results page
  4. “Who to follow” widget on the right side of the Profile page

promoted Twitter accounts

Increase advocacy, purchase consideration and earned reach – one hashtag at a time.

Trending topics on Twitter capture the moments consumers care about most. Trends appear in a module on the left side of the homepage, and you can change locations to see what’s trending in different countries around the world. Promoted Trends are positioned at the top of this list for a 24-hour window and are clearly marked with a promoted icon.

Promoted Trend on homepage

Promoted Trends are a perfect way to kickstart a conversation, launch new products, run major campaigns or target key dates to drive mass awareness. They come with a special dashboard that gives you insight into Trend performance and other analytics.

The value of Promoted Trends

Promoted Trends can drive business outcomes like increased brand advocacy, greater purchase consideration and long-term impact on earned media.

  1. Promoted Trends boost brand conversation.
    Promoted Trends helped advertisers kick-start conversations about their brands. In the 14 days following Promoted Trend exposure, Twitter users produced 22% more conversations about an advertiser compared to the two weeks before exposure (Twitter internal, 2013).
  2. Promoted Trends drive the most impact at the top of the funnel.
    Kick off campaigns with a Promoted Trend to maximize awareness and purchase consideration. A 2013 study we conducted found that consumers skewed 151% more likely to tweet about considering a product after Promoted Trend exposure. Conversations about intent and purchase also jumped 19% and 33%, respectively.
  3. Promoted Trends have a long-term impact.
    Our 2013 study found that Promoted Trends had lasting impact on consumer conversations about brands. With a 73% lift in brand mentions, Promoted Trends had their greatest impact the day they ran. But even three weeks after a trend, advertisers reaped benefits: a 20% lift in brand mentions, 22% lift in positive mentions and 10% lift in Retweets. You can leverage these insights to use Promoted Trends more strategically — not only as supplements to 24-hour “moments” like product launches, but also as air cover to prop up other campaigns with flight dates that span three weeks or longer.

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